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In this challenge we propose to buy three products in bulk.

Disposable packaging floods supermarkets, as do our forests, rivers and mountains. According to a scientific study published in 2018 in the journal Nature, about 87,000 tons of garbage float in Pacific waters alone.

What products can be bought in bulk:

Food: · Fruits and vegetables · Cereals · Pasta · Legumes · Tubers · Nuts · Meat, fish and eggs · Dairy products · Oils, fats and butters · Dehydrated · Spices and condiments

IMPact | non-generated waste: 3

Steps to overcome the challenge

Think of three products that you normally buy with one container and that you could easily find in bulk


Through the Go Zero Waste Map section you can see which establishments you have near you and you can filter by categories.


Use reusable bags (fabric, mesh or wicker)

When you arrive at the establishment, ask for the tare of each product.

When you have all three products they will weigh the product inside your bags and you will only pay for the contents, not for the continent

When you get home, place the food in glass jars and label them. Write down the expiration date of the food and close the lids tightly

Examples of valid photos to overcome the challenge

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