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You work in a company and want to promote waste reduction
and the circular economy? We have the campaign for you!

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What is Moving Towards Zero?

Moving Towards Zero is a campaign that promotes the role of citizens towards a more sustainable and cohesive society.

By overcoming challenges, participating in climate education activities and obtaining rewards, we want to generate a transformative change in habits to move towards a zero waste municipality.

How can your
company participate?


Through the Go Zero Waste app
and digital gamification


An option for the less tech-savvy via a challenge and points sheet


Various face-to-face workshops or cleaning in nature

Launch your campaign in 3 steps:


Together we create the sustainable challenges and choose the prizes for the participants


We develop the right communication campaign for you


We measure the amount of waste that has been avoided thanks to the actions of the participants

Who can participate?


We promote individual actions aimed at workers who sell to the company or remotely


We have a special package of challenges designed for customers who want to connect more with the company


The circular economy often starts at the beginning of the chain, we have devised challenges to promote from the beginning

What are our goals?

Promote a change in habits

Through climate education we promote sustainable habits in people

SDG 11 |  Cities and

sustainable communities

Promotion of local trade

We encourage conscious consumption and local trade

SDG 12 | Production i

responsible consumption

Generate environmental awareness

We show the environmental impact of our actions and purchasing decisions

SDG 13 | Action for the climate

La campanya en acció

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Frequently asked questions

Moving Towards Zero! is a campaign concept that seeks to promote waste reduction and local commerce through challenges.

Each campaign has personalized challenges co-created with the client and is accompanied by communicative actions and prizes for the participants.

The intention is to work on the acquisition of sustainable habits in an enjoyable and fun way while taking stock of the impact of our actions.

Campaigns are designed for different types of customers:

· Companies
· Town councils
· Educational centers
· Events

In each case, we co-create the details of the campaign with the client and make it available to the participants, whether they are company employees, residents of a town, students or attendees at an event.

Each campaign has a fixed price depending on the duration, number of challenges and activities to be included.

If you are interested in learning more about our campaigns, write to or call +34 635 42 51 28.

You can also contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Com a part de les campanyes oferim tota mena d’activitats adaptades a cada client i sempre relacionades amb els reptes que plantegem.

Exemples d’activitats són: tallers de cuina d’aprofitament, xerrades sobre residu zero, neteges d’espais naturals o fires d’intercanvi. 

En cada cas intentem organitzar les activitats juntament amb col·laboradors locals. 

Els premis s’adapten a cada campanya i pressupost.

Intentem que sempre siguin coherents amb els reptes pel que solem oferir vals de descompte pel comerç local, kits residu zero o entrades per a oci i cultura del poble o ciutat on es desenvolupi la campanya. 

All the challenges we propose are related to waste reduction, sustainable habits and local shopping.

Thus, we can propose simple actions such as changing a product of daily use for a more sustainable option or inviting you to participate in an activity to learn something new, such as a cooking or composting workshop.

If you are interested in learning more about our campaigns, write to or call +34 635 42 51 28.

You can also contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Get in touch by filling out this form

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