Collect three wastes while doing some physical activity in the wild








In this challenge we propose you to collect three wastes that you find in the nature when you realize some sport activity in the natural environment in the island.

You can also take part in the activity we plan to carry out in May 2021, where we will encourage you to go on a trip around the island one day this month.

Activity proposed for the month of May 2021  

Impact | waste not generated: 3

Steps to overcome the challenge

You can consult the IDE Menorca to know all the routes of the island.

In order to be able to collect the waste, it is important to be prepared as some waste can be cut or oxidized.

Carry a bag and help yourself with gloves and tweezers or tongs if you have any.


In May, the Menorca Without Plastic Alliance plans to call on the public to carry out a day of plogging (combining sport and cleaning up the environment).

Examples of valid photos to overcome the challenge

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