Menorca is Moving
Towards Zero Plastic! ​

With your help, we will make Menorca more
sustainable Participate by overcoming challenges and win prizes
zero waste!

From June 1, 2022 to June 1, 2023

In collaboration with:

How it works?

Overcome challenges

Download the Go Zero Waste app, activate Menorca’s challenges and send the photos of your actions!

Participate in the activities

From workshops to storytelling or cleaning natural spaces, join the face-to-face activities!

Win prizes

Accumulate points with every action and enter the prize draw to spend on shopping, leisure and culture.

How can I participate?

With the app

Download the Go Zero Waste app, activate Menorca’s challenges and send us your photos!

With the activities

Participate in the different activities
that we organize in Menorca.

Discover establishments that promote
zero waste in Menorca

Pròximes activitats

Campaign prizes:

Gift vouchers for local businesses

To make a sustainable purchase at the local store in Menorca.

Zero waste products

To generate less waste
in the day to day

Tickets for leisure, culture and sport

To enjoy the best
proposals of the island.

Discover 30 challenges

What are our goals?

Promote a change in habits

Through climate education we promote sustainable habits.

SDG 11 | Cities and

sustainable communities

Promote the
local trade

We encourage conscious consumption and local trade.

SDG 12 | Production i

responsible consumption

Generate environmental awareness

We show the environmental impact of our actions.

SDG 13 | Action for the climate

Frequently asked questions

Move to zero plastic in Menorca is an action-based campaign that invites Menorcans to undertake up to 30 actions to reduce their waste and practice new sustainable habits.

Follow these simple steps:

1.- Download the Go Zero Waste application on your Android or iPhone mobile phone.
2.- Register and activate the Menorca challenges.
3.- Choose your first action and send a photo through the app.
4.- With each challenge sent, you accumulate points to qualify for prizes in the form of gift cards, zero waste kits or tickets for the leisure and culture of Menorca.

The Go Zero Waste app is a collaborative app on a mission to facilitate zero-waste living through technology, education and gamification.

To date, it has connected almost 50,000 users to a network of more than 5,000 zero-waste companies and businesses in more than 36 countries, with users having taken more than 25,000 actions, thus avoiding around 50,000 wastes.

The app aims to serve as a digital tool to help people start their journey towards zero waste and join forces with local Zero Waste communities.

Yes, Go Zero Waste App is 100% free to download.

There are no in-app ads and we won’t try to sell you anything.

It is also 100% free to appear on our collaborative map as an establishment as long as you meet the zero waste promotion criteria.

Both citizens and business owners can suggest or register companies and services in their area through the application completely free of charge through the «Collaborate» section.

This may include wholesale businesses, thrift stores or repair services among others.

To add a new business to our collaborative map, follow these steps:

1. Download the Go Zero Waste app on your Android or iPhone (no registration required)

2. Go to the «Collaborate» section

3. Fill in the short form with the name of the company and its location on Google Maps.

4. We will validate the business and add it to the map in about 24 hours.

Please contact us by email at or by phone at +34 635 42 51 28.

Moving Towards Zero Plastic in Menorca!

Download the Go Zero Waste app
and activates Menorca’s challenges.

Send them photos of your actions and collect points to win prizes!

Find it at:

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